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Despite assurances from City Hall, we cannot assume schools will reopen in September without parents speaking up.

We are a diverse group of parents from across the five boroughs who demand the immediate reopening of New York City public schools, five days a week, with students being taught by teachers in the classroom. In addition, we demand the Mayor release a plan ensuring full-time, in-person school in September.

We have suffered through New York City’s chaotic and mismanaged public school system this academic year. Some of our children are fully remote, some of our children are in hybrid learning, but all of us intend to send our children back to school full time in September 2021. And none of us have any faith that our beloved City will be able to meet the logistical and political challenges of returning our children back to school, five days a week, in September. Despite assurances from City Hall, we cannot assume schools will reopen in September without parents speaking up.




Although the Mayor promises us full-time in-person school in September 2021, we are rightfully skeptical of any such claim. There are multiple roadblocks and milestones to a full reopening, and the City is not transparent as to how and when they plan to address these obstacles. Parents deserve to know now what the plans are for September 2021 so that they can start making their own plans for the upcoming school year.

Our children are suffering in remote instruction, and this family trauma is not being experienced evenly. Remote learning is difficult for all families, but the challenges are greater for households that are financially stressed or those whose primary language isn’t English. Women, as has been extensively examined, are shouldering disproportionately more responsibilities, negatively impacting myriad gender equity concerns.

Despite the best efforts of teachers, support staff, and other educators, our children are disengaged and barely learning. We watch every day as our children deteriorate emotionally, physically, and academically under the isolation and turmoil wrought by the City’s learning system this year. While we understand the public health crisis initially required this immense sacrifice by children and their caregivers, enough is enough. It is past time to resume full in-person learning for our children. It is time for concrete plans.

Based on how they’ve handled the 2020-2021 school year, City Hall and the Department of Education inspire no confidence that they are up to the job of coordinating this vast effort, which will require the work of multiple agencies, interaction with state government, powerful stakeholders, intense press scrutiny, regular communication, and tight deadlines.

We demand that Mayor Bill de Blasio release a plan to ensure a smooth and certain transition to full-time in-person learning in September, and act now to immediately reopen schools five days a week, with qualified teachers in the classroom.